Mortgage Loan

Loan will be sanctioned for  government, Semi government  and  Business persons   on   ledging the immovable by valuating  70% of the property value.


Loans  will  be  advanced  for  as  follows.

  • To  improve  their  business organization
  • Alteration of  the  houses  and  buildings
  • For  higher  education
  • Marriage purpose and Religious functions
  • Medical expenses  incurred
  • Small  Industries
  • Purchase  of  new Vehicles
  • Business  Development


  • Security  offered  property  should  be  in  the  juridiction of muncipal area or city corporation.
  • Applicant  should  have  SB A/c  with nominal membership.
  • Mortigaged property should  be free of  encombrince.
  • The applicant should  bear  two  cobligant as  desired  by  the bank
  • Such  proposed  cobligant  should  have A/c (Account) with Nominal membership
  • The  Applicant  should   produce his source of income for repayment of the  loan  with the  recomandation of  the  Branch  Manager .
  • Repayment of the loan commence from the next month of the advanced date.

The   applicant  should  enclose  the following  documents  for  the  loan.

  1. The  Generation  Tree
  2. Original documents of the immovable property (Sale deed, mother deed) Katha  Extract,  Registered  Partrition deed.
  3. Encombrance Certificate  for  15 Years
  4. Up to date Kandayan  Receipt
  5. Valuation of the Building
  6. Income Sources
    1. Salaries persons
      3 months   salary  certificate  with  HRMS.
    2. Business Class
      1. Business License
      2. Tax  payment  Receipt
      3. 3 Years  Balance  Sheet
      4. Business  place  Agreement  or  Khata  Extract

Loan  Repayment  Procedure

  1. Loan Sanctioned  upto ‘NABARD’ Explosure  limit
  2. Repayment  period  60 months  from the date 06 Dispursement  06 Loan.
  3. Insurance  compulsory
  4. The applicant should encash the loan Amount within  3 months from the date of  sanction.
  5. The immovable property should registered through  Sub- registar  in the name of the Bank.  This should be kept  under  the bank up  to the closure of loan.